Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change flavours for Occasion Cakes?

Yes, you can request to swap designs and flavours for our Occasion Cakes for an additional custom change fee of $10.

For example, you want the Picasso design with Velvet Muse filling (Red Velvet Sponge+ Cream Cheese). Any further changes will be classified as a Custom Cake.

To request a change, please fill out the form below:

Our Strawberry Victoria is a sponge cake which is classified as a foam cake. The sponge is light and airy as a result of the air beaten into the separated egg yolks and egg whites. As this sponge is quite delicate, our Strawberry Victoria cannot be layered any higher or made any larger than what we currently offer.

On the other hand, our Occasion Cakes use American Cake which is similar to Génoise, as it has a denser and drier texture compared to our sponge cake. This allows support for layering of the cake for our Occasion Cakes.

For more information, check out our blog post on the topic of American Cake.

What is the difference between Sponge Cake in Strawberry Victoria and American Cake in Occasion Cakes?

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Majority of our macarons are Gluten Free and we have listed them here:
Chocolate (GF)
Lavender (GF)
Passionfruit (GF)
Pistachio (GF)
Salted Caramel (GF)
Strawberry (GF)
Vanilla (GF)
Yuzu/ Lemon Meringue (GF)

Regarding Gluten Free Occasion Cakes, please submit an enquiry here.

Do you have Dairy Free and Vegan options?

Unfortunately we do not specialise in Dairy Free and Vegan Options so are unable to accept such orders at this current time.

Yes, we sell macarons individually and they are available to purchase in-store (no pre-order needed for individual macarons)! They are $3 each. Our current flavours include:
Chocolate (GF), Cookies & Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate, Lavender (GF), Passionfruit (GF), Pistachio (GF), Red Velvet, Salted Caramel (GF), Strawberry (GF), Vanilla (GF), Vanilla Honeycomb, Yuzu / Lemon Meringue (GF).

We also have Macaron Bells (40 macarons) & Macaron Towers (up to 10-tiers) available to order online. Macaron Bells and Macaron Towers must be pre-ordered at our Online Cake Store.

Do you sell macarons individually?

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery options can be discussed for orders over $250. Please note, delivery fees start from $30 depending on delivery address.