Easter Parade

Easter Parade


Easter is upon us, a time we celebrate hope and renewal! Gather your family and friends and spend some quality time this Easter with our Easter Parade Cake.

Inspired by chocolate Easter eggs, traditional pastel Easter colours of blue, yellow and pink, we have created our Easter Parade cake featuring 53% dark chocolate American sponge with white chocolate ganache, decorated with pastel piped buttercream and sugar coated almonds, topped with a royal icing decorated shortbread bunny biscuit.

Serving Size: 6-8 Dessert Serves / 4”

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To ensure safe and secure transportation of the cake without compromising the quality and design, it is highly recommended to transport your cake in an air-conditioned vehicle. Place the cake box on a flat surface such as the floor of the car or securely place it in the boot (ensure box will not move when driving) and out of direct sunlight.
To enjoy our cake, we recommend storing your cake in the fridge as soon as possible. Before serving, please let the cake rest at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

Please Note: All of Passiontree Velvet cakes are handmade in a nut and gluten environment.
Gluten, Dairy, Tree Nuts & Gelatine

Cake orders cannot be cancelled any later than 48 hours in advance. Any later than this and we cannot process a refund or change the pick-up date.