By Popular Demand: Our New S'mores Bombe Wholecake


Traditionally, a s’more is a enjoyed as a campfire treat consisting of a a marshmallow toasted between chocolate and graham crackers. Here, at Passiontree Velvet, we have created our own twist to the traditional s’mores into our S’mores Bombe!

Ever since its launch, our divine S’mores Bombe piece cake has become a customer favourite for its rich, chocolate and marshmallow combination covered in butter biscuit that is simply irresistible. We have numerous requests for a S’mores Bombe Wholecake, so by popular demand, we are excited to announce the release of our S’mores Bombe Wholecake to our Online Cake Store!

S'mores Bombe

Featuring a marshmallow centre encased in Ghanian mousse and butter biscuit coating, topped with fluffy, torched meringue. This cake is popular for birthdays and gatherings. You can add a scoop of ice-cream on the side and accompany with a cup of tea or coffee. Or, simply dig into the cake with a spoon, because sometimes it’s just better that way!

Perfect for 8-10 servings / Diameter: 8”

Inside of our S’mores Bombe

Inside of our S’mores Bombe

Here are some tips of how to transport and store this wholecake:

Transport: To ensure safe and secure transportation of the cake without compromising the quality and design, it is highly recommended to transport your cake in an air-conditioned vehicle. Place the cake box on a flat surface such as the floor of the car or securely place it in the boot (ensure box will not move when driving) and out of direct sunlight.
To enjoy our cake, we recommend storing your cake in the fridge as soon as possible.