Passion Tree in Chatswood, Sydney, Whats the Difference & How is it Related?

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You might have seen there is a place in Chatswood also called Passion tree, it sells similar cakes but has a different logo and a totally different menu. Well what is it and how is it related to Passiontree Velvet?

Passion tree in Chatswood is our sister brand, compared to Passiontree Velvet, it is known as ‘The Sweet Spot’ and specilises in being a dessert bar.

You can find Passion tree in Chatswood on Level 3 above the station, in the Interchange dining precinct. Chatswood Interchange, T67/436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067. It is open from midday to late everyday!

So Passion tree is still part of the family and yes you can pick up cakes from Passion tree in Chatswood. So if you’re looking for a birthday cake in Chatswood, then visit our store and select chatswood as your pick up location.


Passion tree operates mostly in the evening and is located in a restaurant precinct, whereas most Passiontree Velvets operate during the day and are located in shopping centres near where people are doing their grocery shopping. Passion tree is target to younger people with more colourful and fun fun designs and menu items.

Passion tree doesn’t do any savoury foods, compared to Passiontree Velvet which has a wide range of brunch items and light meals. Passion tree menu items are bright and colourful and made to be shared with groups of friends. There is our famous Pancakes Stacks, Watermelon Bingsoos and Epic Hot Chocolates.

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Actually Passion tree is the original concept, started in 2013 at 103 Elizabeth Street in Brisbane CBD. It started off as a dessert bar that happened to have great patisserie. As time went by and our patisserie, cakes and macarons became so popular, we decided to create a new brand called Passiontree Velvet which specialised in just that. The desserts that we were offering were still really popular so we also kept Passion tree going as well and in tandem, we opened the second Passion tree in Chatswood in Sydney in 2015. The original Passion tree in Brisbane closed in 2018 when the lease expired and the building we were in was earmarked for demolition and redevelopment.

Passion tree has been a strong innovator of desserts, and has been setting trends worldwide, we are started the trend of having brightly coloured ice cream cones, and turning them upside down filled with toppings that spill onto your dessert. It is much copied now, but it was first seen on our pancake stack, hence why we have been written about so many times by Buzzfeed for that item.

Also a first, you may have heard of freakshakes and that whole messy trend, but Passion tree are the originators of the Epic Hot Chocolate (makes more sense), where we put all the tasty compliments to hot chocolate, and stack them on top to make an epic hot chocolate concontion. So popular that its been written about 3 times by the Daily Mail in England.

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