Life is short, eat cake!

Everyone deserves to be spoiled in their birthday right?

If you are like me an Australian working mom, you know we take our spend seriously and sometimes looking for the right place that won't disappoints us can be time-consuming. I personally have a sweet tooth and just like you I feel frustrated when the dessert looks better than they taste (what a waste of craving!). And even though I love to try new flavours and explore restaurants I often feel discouraged to try them because they look too good to be to be true or " too fake to be good"? If this happened to you let me tell you about this gorgeous place I found that makes the best not kidding the best cakes/macarons ever! But don't worry you won't have to make a reservation, dress up or spend big bucks to enjoy this delicatessens.

 Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Passiontree Velvet (cool name ha?!) is located inside shopping centres so you can enjoy your sweets with a nice cup of tea or a barista coffee, just relax after you've done groceries or just to spend some nice time out with your kids, (yes you can bring your kids in) they have this Teddy Bear high tea for $10 that comes with little sandwiches, a macaron, and a drink!. But let's go back to the birthday cakes, if you like to plan ahead you can purchase the cakes online and pick the time store to pick it up later on. The prices of a whole cake for 8 to 12 portions cost between $50 to $90 if compared to most of the cake shop this is a budget-friendly, not to mention that the decorations are absolutely stunning! 
If you want to go one step ahead they also make custom made cakes, so don't worry if you a cake you saw on Instagram or want to match it with your wedding dress or flowers. 

I hope you found this useful for your next celebration, and remember you don't need an excuse to have cake, besides if someone asks it's somebody's birthday somewhere. Life is short, eat cake!

By: Laura Osorio