Alex's Appetite visits Passiontree Velvet St. Ives

Bathed in natural light, the pristine white interior of Passiontree Velvet in St Ives is broken only by the vast display fridge filled with every colour and shape of decadent pastries, macarons and cakes. The coffee machine is brand new, shining as the serious baristas grind single origin espresso from individually portioned airtight jars. I've not eaten yet this morning, so I start off with a strong and silky piccolo, throwing me into an immediate state of over-the-top enthusiasm as I wait for my breakfast. I've come alone but I'm super hungry, so I order 2 dishes from the all day brunch style menu. Head chef Sabrina Layoun executes a classic Sydney cafe menu, jazzed up with generous portions, impeccable technique and beautifully presented plates that will have the Instagrammers frothing over even the simplest menu items.

My Breakfast Brioche ($15) comes stacked high with sweet and sticky maple bacon, a perfectly soft egg oozing into the cheesy confit garlic sauce. So often brioche buns are oily and spongey, but this is perfectly toasted and stays fluffy and delicious for the full minute it takes me to demolish the burger. For my obligatory breakfast dessert, I grab a hugely generous bowl of coconut-infused chia pudding ($14), the sweet and stodgy superfood pairing with super crunchy toasted muesli, fresh fruit and a refreshingly soft and zingy poached pear. The whole thing feels very naughty but it's all totally house made and extra-healthy. A quick shot of eye-opening Ethiopian Reko espresso sends me out the door into the sunshine, and I can't help but feel like everything is going to be okay.

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