Rose Lychee (Balgowlah)

Rose Lychee (Balgowlah)


Raspberry centre immersed in a delicate rosewater mousse, coated with lychee glaze. Decorated with edible rose petals, mini strawberry macaron and freeze-dried raspberries. This mousse cake is here to impress!

This item may contain traces of nuts.

Serve between 8 to 10 portions.

Please note of the ordering date cut-offs.
*Please note prices may vary slightly in-store*
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*Please note prices may vary slightly in-store and decorations may be differ to those pictured*

Online orders must be placed 48 hours in advance. However, please visit us in-stores as we may have wholecakes available. 

Cancellation Policy: Cake orders cannot be cancelled any later than 48 hours in advance. Any later than this and we cannot process a refund of change the pick up date.